Friday, February 15, 2013


Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva was the first weekend-away trip that I took this semester while studying abroad in Madrid. 

I traveled with Kyle and Eamon (two of my housemates in Madrid) and my best friend, Elizabeth. We stayed in a quaint motel in France since it was remarkably cheaper than staying in Geneva. Geneva is on the border of Switzerland and France, so the commute to/from the motel was an easy bus ride and then a quick taxi. Every day we walked freely around the streets of Geneva enjoying the beautiful architecture, gazing at the crystal clear lake, and consuming endless Swiss chocolate. I actually bought a Swiss watch (Swatch brand) since Switzerland has been known for centuries for being the best watch makers. Check out the picture above, it’s pretty sweet! 

We took a boat tour of Lake Geneva, which allowed us to stand in awe beneath the snowy Alps. A tour of CERN and the United Nations were also on the agenda. We stopped by a little French parish Sunday morning that was having a breakfast celebration, and I got to taste Nutella for the first time ever… inside a crepe!

Geneva has so much history and beauty, and I could talk of my travels there for much longer, but I’ll share with you just one more short story before concluding this blog post:

On Sunday afternoon we went to the church that John Calvin preached in, and climbed up to the bell towers to capture the best shot of Lake Geneva in the whole city. Once we came down, we sat outside on the church’s front steps. It started to rain very lightly. A young man in his twenties then started playing his guitar and singing across the little plaza, having just opened his case for passerbys to leave tips. For no reason, Elizabeth and I both stood up and went to the middle of the plaza, stretched out our hands and just looked up at the sky together. We stood there for a couple minutes, then danced in the rain just a little before running over to the guitar player to thank him with a couple Euros. I don’t know why, but that moment was so profoundly peaceful and perfect. Even though I’d done a dozen amazing, unique and fun things in Geneva that weekend, that one moment will stick out above all others for the rest of my life

To be able to stand in the rain, arms outstretched in the middle of Europe, and to feel that rush of peace and consolation… that is what adventure feels like!

BE Adventurous. BE Global. BE a Billiken!


- Luke


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